In Search Of Paranormal Wisconsin

  • My wife and daughter watch lots of Ghost Stories on television. They had a "girls" outing yesterday to three of the allegedly haunted places in Wisconsin. Their first stop was in Green Lake Wisconsin.…ed-dartford-cemetery.html

    They had no EMF monitors or any of the other NONSENSICAL equipment that you see on the BOOB Tube.

    They were in search of DARTFORD Cemetery.

    The cemetery was easy to find.

    Anna and Barb had to look around for quite a while to find "the crypt" from the TV show.

    Legend has it if you sit on the crypt that the spirits will push you off the top.

    With no pushing or anything the girls moved on to their second target.

    The Ramada in Fond du lac was their second target…aza-hotels-ghosts-a199148

    There were weddings on every floor and girls left quickly without any to report.

    They had some time to kill so Anna had her palm read. Their appointment at the Octagon House was not until 3pm.

    The House was run by a wonderful old lady that was very nice and treated the girls very well. The place had once been part of the "Underground Railroad" from the Civil War days.

    A wrap of the days events was:

    "No spirits or paranormal events to report"

    I am really glad I didn't go.

  • Zitat

    "No spirits or paranormal events to report"

    Did you really expect they would be?

    The first picture, however, was someway inspiring. At least to me. :lol:

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