I am interested in *hecht* fishing in germany

  • Hello,

    I was in germany last july and fished for brown trout. I had a very good time in the Leinbach area.

    Lately on US fishing message boards I have been seeing GIANT *hecht* Northern Pike from europe and this type of fish is my second favorite type of fish to catch.

    I also have some friends that are interested in make a few trips to fish for these HUGE hecht I have been seeing lately.

    Any information on lodges to stay in and some hecht photos would be greatly appreciated. Also when is the best time of the year to fish for them and what type of gear is required? Also licensing information would be appreciated.

    Thank you
    Len Harris

  • Hi,
    i have also catch some big Pike`s, but i live in Hilden,this is near Düsseldorf and here is a big pike very seldom, for big pikes you must ride to Mecklemburg Vorpommern,there are many waters with big pikes!!

    you can also go to the bodden, this is an area on the coast of the Ostsee ,there become fischers realy big pikes!!!

    here is a pig of my bigest pike, he was 115cm!!


    nice greating fro germany

  • Hi Len,

    you'd better go to Ireland, or Skandinavia. There are better pikes and no fu**ing trouble with the german licenes. For you as an american fisherman there is, with the exception of Bavaria, Meckenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein, no chance for fishing in Germany. I'm sorry, but the most of the german states wellcome your bucks, not your rods!

  • Hallo Len, I am from the south of Brandenburg, from the area Elbe-Elster. Ther are the small river Schwarze Elster and the Elbe. In special first one is very good for some big pikes around the year, but in autumn is the best time. Around the rivers are a lot of small pools with a good stock of pikes. It&s no problem to catch 10 or 15 pikes with more than 45 cm. If you have a fishing card, it`s no problem to get a licence to fish in Brandenburg.

  • Dear Len,
    to get some good pike hooked, you should rather fish in the so called Bodden. The best contact for Pikefishing in that area is Mathias Fuhrmann, whos is a well known Guide with a boatrental and cabins. You will find his Homepage under we weeewe.Bodden-angeln.de.
    Its quite a nice Site with some usefull information about fishing in the Bodden, but its all german.
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