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    With a compact design stuffed with useful items, the humble pocket knife has become one of the most versatile tools on the market. Pocket knives can help people with everything; from daily tasks such as opening boxes to heavier tasks such as cutting rope. If you are an adventurer, a pocket knife may even save your life. So, by having a knife in your pocket, you have the ability to get any job done.

    After decades of innovation, pocket knives are now available in various designs with various functions. People have a wider range of selection, but they also suffer from having to sift through thousands of items. We know it is really overwhelming, so we created this list of high quality pocket knives, to give our readers some clues to make their purchase decision.

    • CRKT Drifter

    CRKT Drifter is the best pocket knife that comes with an affordable price. CRKT Drifter’s blade is around 3 inches long, and users can open and close it with one hand. Though the CRKT Drifter does not have any unique points compared to other models, every single element of it is designed and manufactured to provide the best experience for users. Its handle features a light texture to improve the grip and at the same time it can also contour to fit different hand sizes. While the smoothness of its blade's pivoting action is equivalent to those that are four times expensive, its handle is made from quality plastic that is much better than other models in the same price range. Costing only $30, it is a real bargain.


    • Blue Ridge Knives ESEE Zancudo

    We want to introduce you to one of the best quaity pocket knives - the Blue Ridge Knives ESEE Zancudo. The ESEE Zancudo features a larger teardrop - shaped handle and a more reliable blade lock compared to the Drifter, making it a useful tool for heavy work. The ESEE Zancudo makes itself stand out from the pack thanks to its durability and ability to deliver exellent performance. However, if you just need a knife for everyday use, the Drifter is a more suitable option as it is lighter and smaller.

    • Sarenmu 710

    Sarenmu 710 is among the best pocket knives that is priced under $20. If you are new to knives and want to buy one to see if carrying a knife is helpful, you can start with a Sarenmu 710. TheSarenmu 710 is the same size as the Drifter, so it is lightweight and small. Its blade pivot is also very smooth, but its mental handle is a little bit slippery, so if you have sweaty hands you should try another model. However, with its overall quality the Sarenmu 710 is still a great pocket knife, and it is even better than some of those twice as expensive.

    • Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556

    Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 is one of the best pocket knife on the market (site) in the premium segment. If you have a larger budget and want to keep a cool knife in your pocket, the Griptilian 556 is your best choice. In terms of function, the Griptilian 556 comes with a better blade and pivot when compared to the previously mentioned models. It also provides great ergonomics and a better locking system. Griptilian 556 is a great investment that is worth every cent of your money.

    • Buck Knives' 55

    Buck Knives' 55 is one of the best rated pocket knives we could find on the market. If you prefer a knife with a classic look and style, you will definitely want to buy the Buck Knives' 55 at first sight. Equipped with a good blade, this knife can perform as well as the Drifter. Buck Knives' 55 features an excellent construction that delivers an authentic age-old feel. However, as a traditional knife it has no pocket clip and can not be opened and closed with one hand.

    • Opinel No. 8

    As one of the best pocket knives in the world, Opinel No. 8 delivers exceptional performance at a very low cost. Its carbon steel blade features a razor-like edge, so it cuts like crazy while its handle is light and floats in water. Though the knife's hinge is easier to open compared to other models, Opinel No. 8 has a smart collar lock that helps to lock it closed, meaning it never accidentally deploys in your pocket. One of the reviewers said that "The knife weighs nothing, feels great in your hand, and can last forever if you use it right."

    • Spyderco Paramilitary2

    Spyderco Paramilitary2 is so far the coolest folding knife we have ever seen. It has an aggressive look that will fit your tactical style. Its slim, contoured composite G-10 handle gives users more control while doing their tasks and its compression lock ensures users' safety by preventing accidentally closing. There is also a sleek pocket clip so you can carry the knife on either your left or right side. However, this knife is quite heavy weighing around 4 ounces.


    • Victorinox Classic SD

    Another best folding knife we are introducing to you is Victorinox Classic SD. Actually, Victorinox Classic SD is not just a knife; it is a combination of a knife, a toothpick, scissors, and tweezers. You might ask is it heavy? Definitely not. The Classic SD weighs less than 1 ounce and can fit on your keychain, meaning you can just carry it everywhere. This knife can handle most daily tasks such as opening boxes, envelopes, and plastic packaging but it is not designed for heavy jobs, so it is not ideal to use this knife on your DIY projects.

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    We have given you a collection of great pocket knives in different styles. Whether you are a fan of traditional pocket knives or modern folding knives, we believe you will find your favourite one after going through the list. Share your experience of using pocket knives with us. Also, comment to let us know if you have other great models. If you are still confused about making a purchase decision, check out more information on our next post: "Struggling to find your best pocket knife? Here are some tips".