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  • How to Keep Birds Off Balcony ?

    The problem is that birds, just like you and I, will need to take a rest at some point. It just so happens that the most convenient place for them to stop is on your balcony! Some people don't mind the feathered visitors, and will even leave seeds or water out - others, however, may prefer to scare these winged squatters away. After all, it's not like these birds will clean up after themselves, and they can leave quite a large mess! Like most people, you enjoy watching the birds fly by on your patio.

    Attractive and colorful as they lean between the treetops and the interiors and exteriors of the buildings that stand in front of them, they are peaceful and relaxing to comment on. It is a central place to travel and enjoy the fresh air.

    If you've had enough of the stray feathers that sit on the balcony, or are simply tired of hosing down the… aftermath… don't worry: there are a few steps that you can take to prevent birds from stopping on your balcony. Best of all? They're not harmful in any way!

    Listed here are a few great ways that you can stop those pesky little creatures from turning your home into their breeding ground.

    Birds on balconies are a real nuisance. As a result, many homeowners need help knowing how to keep birds off their balconies. Tie up a windchime, old ladder, or mylar balloon on your balcony or around the house. Set up decoy owls or rubber snakes to attract birds.

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    1. Bird Gel

    A modern solution for your bird problem is a bird repellent gel. What is that? It's a clever gel that produces a sensation of fire for birds. Using ultraviolet lights and a peppermint oil smell, this gel is highly effective but is expensive.

    The gel lasts for up to 4 years and can be placed in any location on your balcony. This might be the discrete bird deterrent you're looking for.

    2. Decoys

    Balconies are often small and personal locations and is the exact reason why decoys work well. A large Owl Decoy will be unmissable for birds visiting your balcony - this decoy happens to turn its head every now and then!

    Owls are the natural predators of most birds and will be and effective choice however snakes, hogs and racoons are only some of the many decoys that are know to work!

    3. Sloped Edges

    If you're looking for a more stylish, subliminal and 'natural' looking deterrent, why not try fitting sloped edges to any ledges or windowsills on the exterior of your balcony? They'll blend in so well that in most cases they'll be unnoticeable!

    Sloped edges are an ingenious way of keeping pigeons and other curious beaks away from your property - due to the gradient of the edges, they won't be able to land without slipping.

    Again, slopes are only really a good solution to protect edges and ledges. If your balcony is on the bigger side, birds will likely find another location to perch.

    4. Shiny tape

    Birds are scared of reflective materials such as CD's and shiny tapes. Place a strip of this shiny tape across popular perching spots to deter any birds that are thinking of taking a pit stop!

    Shiny tapes are perfect for balconies as they are subtle and can be placed out of sight of neighbors !

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    5. Remove Their Reason to Return

    If a bird has chosen your house to frequent, it's probably for a reason. Being the scavengers that they are, they've likely latched on to the fact that you have fruit trees, pet food or other rare goodies for them unguarded on your balcony!

    A balcony might seem like a good place to feed your pets, but local bird species will quickly catch on. If they think there's any chance of scoring a quick snack, they'll be straight in.

    If you do keep animal feed outside anywhere, you should try to move it indoors – if this isn't possible, why not try feeding your pets at certain times, when you can watch them as they eat?

    6. Nets or Spikes / Wires

    Anti-roost netting is possibly the simplest, cheapest and easiest to use method of keeping birds away from your balcony. It's a simple device that can serve as a gentle reminder to our flighted friends that your balcony is NOT their territory.

    The net should be used to cover any roosting areas, such as gutters, alcoves or other potential hidey-holes. In most cases, it will deter a bird from stopping there, and in others, it may act as a physical barrier. The best material for a net is a polyurethane net like this.

    7. Spinning wheels

    In addition to the previous tip, reflective items that spin and rotate are extremely effective at deterring birds. This is why cheap plastic wheels are often effective and an affordable solution.

    The main problem with these plastic wheels is that they can often be caught in the wind a little too much in a location like a balcony! Place them in a sheltered area so that they do not spin away!

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