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    yes I know this topic has been blocked, but I don't understand the page of the "Blinker" editorial team. On the one hand, one would like to offer all (!) Anglers, including beginners of this hobby, a platform to discuss and get to know new methods, and on the other hand, one would not want to give one of the most important parts of equipment, the device, its own forum.

    For example, the editors could present the latest devices here and ask for the opinions of the forum participants. It would certainly not be uninteresting for companies to know the opinions of end users. Many errors in the operation and use of the devices, which then lead to breakage of the rod or malfunction of the reel, could be explained by experts here and corrected if necessary. Normally the buck is blamed on that producer company. I'm pretty sure that something will come out of here that is mutually satisfactory. Maybe you could get some advertising Etar here again.

    It shouldn't matter which product the anglers talk about or discuss among themselves. Opinions are like a dime a dozen. Whether a brand x rod is better or not, or whether the reel of brand Y is more durable than another, is irrelevant.
    Sometimes it would be helpful to know a little more about your device than you would find out yourself.