Holidays in Brazil

  • aus einem englisch sprachigen forum, ich hoffe mein englisch ist nicht zu schlecht, mit 3 fremdsprachen im kopf, die ich mir selbst beigebracht habe, ist es von der grammatik nicht perfekt, aber ich hoffe man versteht es, vielleicht mache ich mir den spass es in deutsch zu schreiben

    Hi Folks,
    I was 3 Months in Brasil, at Recife, Pesqueira, Feira de Santana, Lauro de Freitas and Salvador. I will show you pictures and some nice fishes, that i catched there, hope you will like it, and please dont be afraid of my bad english grammar.

    The first part will be at Pesqueira Pernambuco "no Sertao"
    At 16.01 i took the Plane from Munich to Recife, with two Friends, Zelma and Christiane, i lived there with their Family.

    At the Airport, the Family waited, and i stayed with Zelma and went to Pesqueira (200km) inside of the country.

    The Bavarian arrived, and we had a welcome party

    for a real Bavarian, the beer from Brazil is not a real chalenge

    my friends and myself

    Next Days, i visit near barrages

    my friend there edimilson, always fished with livebait shrimp, before we fished, he always catched it, with a net

    with his rod

    a very simphatic person, simple, natural, good inside, i was realy happy, to meet people like that, in munich germany, most of the people not like this, most of them are cold, hard minded, spitefuly,stingy, in brasil 99% that i meet, was good people, the share everything with you, without make demands

    at this lake, i dont catched nothing no fishes inside

    this region have a strong drought you see that on the rock

    everybody can buy a net to get out fishes, and if the lakes dont have much water, the catch everything out

    after he catched his shrimp, we went to barragem dos britos

    he said there has lots of fishes, tucunaré and traira, and piaba

    the only fish i catched, with my fly rod class 5 was piaba, with red tags nymph, this fish is small but very agressive and he has teeths, after a few attacks, my nymph was destroyed

    i eat them, very tastefully, my friend prepared them one night with salt, and other day the fryed them, you can eat them all completly, and with a cold beer it is very tastefully

    my dog shaky, one person trew a rock at him, and he lost one eye, he always welcome me, i loved him, my live was like that, without stress and my family there make everything to make me happy, they treated me very well..

    also a good friend^^ LOIRO, i was sad, because, he was captived/trapped

    i realy love animals, we had a cat with kitten, look, one white and others black

    from above:pesqueira

    we have drink.......with my friends and live music

    My second trip, was to Barragem Pão de Açúcar

    a nice large lake,but i dont catched nothing, my friend catched tilapia

    this lake was inside an Indian reservation, funny people, they looked at me, like the never saw a gringo

    my friend with his rod

    many days of fishing, but i catched only piaba, i was frustrated, my friend told me 220 km, they have the second largest lake at the state, we must go there to catch good fishes, ok, let us go there

    the name was Barragem Poço da Cruz. Sertão do Moxotó. Ibimirim
    that was my last hope, because after 3 weeks in pesqueira, i visited recife for one week, after that, i wanted to visit my friends in bahia

    on the way to this lake, we saw an accident, we get out of the car, and i saw my first dead man, he had a broken leg on both sides, and a broken head, with lots of blood on the highway, he was only 23 years old, we could not helped him, he was already dead, he friend, was crying, and i asked a man what happend, he was drunk and he walked on the road, and perhaps a truck hit him, but we dont saw the truck, he run away, and leaved the boy alone, a sad story, for brazilians, thats normal, thanks god,iam not a man who is effeminate, other germans need in that similar case psychological help

    a nice lake

    where is the best place to fish? we asked a woman,

    i saw lots of fish, rising after flies? other fishes? shrimp? i dont knew it...

    i catched my first tilapia with shrimp, but no fish with fly
    at all 3 tilapias

    after 6 hours fishing, we went home,

    my friend said, we must hurry up, because at night, it is very dangerous at the sertao, many bandits with pistols are robbing cars at the highway, he was a military police, at his side near his hand, he had a 9mm browning half automatic pistol to protect us, but he said, if something happend, better give all of your money
    we arrived save at pesqueira, and this was my last fishing trip there, perhaps i will have better chances to catch a fish at recive

    end of part one

  • Hi folks,
    here is my second part of my holidays...

    After 3 weeks, i went to recife only for one week, to meet my other good friend Chris

    we meet here family, and i visit her father, her nephew, had a car, and we went on my first fishing trip at recife
    it was near Barra de Jangada, a nice place..

    her nephew never fished, and before he can fish, i teached him, how it works..

    in germany its my job to teach and guide...but in portuges it is more difficult to explain...

    look, how it works...

    and now your turn...

    he learn very fast.. the brazilians have a good body control, every sport, they can learn it fast...

    now, i must mount my fly rod class 8

    in brazil, everything will be catched to eat or sell
    here you can see, people search for crabs inside the mud

    but no fish was there.. we changed the see a man, who stands in the water, he fished with a net, many people wanna catch a fish, because, of the poorness

    i had a strong attack, but i didnt got him

    lets cast again...

    we changed again, no fishes?

    fishes are there?

    let us try...he was very concentrated, but unfortunately he dont catch anything :(, i hoped so much, he will catch his first see him happy..

    what happend? without a stripping basket, its difficult to shoot the line...


    a nice cast...

    a lonely cast....

    but no catch....

    ok, next try, other place..

    the next days, it was rainy, and rivers was very polluted, with water from the sewerage...

    ok, not best conditions, but i think, bad try is much better, then nothing

    my first try was here.. i saw lots of fishing rising, there was lot of baby tarpons...

    i used a gurgler, and then, wushhhhh bam, the first attack of a tarpon, a very strong attack, it was a 10-15 kg tarpon,he jumped after my gurgler, i saw him a short time, what a nice fish but,he bursted my line, it was a 0,31mm line, and i dont feel the fish on my rod???!?!?!?, it was so fast and strong, i was suprised about that strong force and attack of that fish, i though only small baby tarpon was there, thats why i choosed this line, ok, i changed to 0,40mm, i dont had any experience and knowlegde to catch a tarpon, my first time, and i was very excited...

    after that attack, "little bandits" where coming^^ the went with bikes and dont go to school, and prever to have fun outside, they asked me lots of things, and one asked me for a fly.. the kids treated me with respect, poor, but well educated, here in germany some kids are horrible, rich, good live, but diabolic inside, thats why i love the people there, simple and poor, but lovley and good inside

    ok, after that, i changed the place...

    i saw a nice tarpon...ok cast...

    he attacked, but dont, more concentration... he attacked 3 times, very shy and cautious, because, there a lots of fisherman wanna catch a tarpon...

    yeahh got him...............

    what a nice strong fight...

    nice jumping


    there was a boy with his grandfather, i asked him, pls go inside the water and mud, and bring me the fish, he helped me, to get the fish outside of the water, and a brazilian helped me again, without a claim, i saw the difference, between the germans and brasilians...helpfully people in every situation

    look at his legs, very muddy

    my first tarpon

    i was so proudfully about this fish, as a flyfishing beginner, without teacher, without guide, without lessions, without experience with tarpon, i catched one!!!!!!:)

    his grandfather and him, didnt catched nothing this day, and if somebody is hungry, and helpfully, its a good gift, my friend chris said it also, pls give the fish the old man and his grandson... they were very grateful and happy..

    after my catch, some people looked after my catch, and the kids where coming look how i fish, with fly rod and baits

  • the next days, i dont went to fishing, i was one day at the beach boa viagem, at this beach, you have the most attacks of sharks... but i dont have fotos of this day,
    at the weekend, we went to maceio, 295km outside of recife, to have a nice barbecue, with her sister...

    on the way, i always will remember the red earth of brazil and the mango trees

    we have a drink and a nice barbecue, the brazilians love to have a good strong meal... the two days was very nice and satisfying

    my friend chris, thank you very much, for this nice week, with you and your family

    goodbye my friends....

    and welcome bahia, the next part of my travel/ holidays...

  • Hi folks,
    here the part of bahia...

    after nearly 4 weeks in pernambuco, i want to visit my good friends in bahia, first stopover was feira de santana

    here you see on the way,i traveld by a coach, it was horrible, 15 hours inside the country "no sertao" i saw paulo alfonso a very large Hydroelectric Complex

    full moon inside the sertao

    i arrived in the house of hildete, she takes care of me, like a mother, a very good warmhearted person, after 10 years we meet again... it was very emotionally, and her grandchild, acaio,he was brasil champin judo

    her husband rogerio and ronny a crazy but symphatic man

    i was one week very sick, and i did nothing in feira de santana, after this week, i went to an other friend, andrea also a good friend, she has a pousada in serra grande, i lived there for 7 days free

    that was nature pur, and a nice clean beach and very safe for tourists, often i was alone on the beach

    yeahh relaxing inside the palms

    Portuguese man o' war

    i also tried to catch a fish with my flyrod, but nothing i catched there...i didnt saw nothing inside the water..

    but here at this part of a lagune, i had a strong attack, but i losed the fish after a short time, but it was heavy and strong was also a wunderful place to stay

    i traveld there in the period of carneval, in this small village, we had for 3 days a carnaval with many live bands

    the first day friday..there was only people from the village... a nice party no violence, no shootings and robbery

    i realy love brazil and the people there, but the beer is awful, for a bavarian a punishment...

    but after some beer cans i was half drunk

    a friend of andrea, she was so funny and feisty, and i drank a lots of beer with her..

    at saturday hundreds of people came, and also a lot of bandits, at 4 oclock in the morning, somebody shoot a person, he died at the party, but at this hour, i was in my bed..

    a short video....

    after this fantastic week, i returned to feira de santana where another good friend waits for me, gracinha, we went to her nice house at lauro de freitas(40km outside salvador), in a fantastic 5 star condominio
    she rent rooms for tourists, if anybody have interest let me know..


    this townhouse, has his own beach, no public access, very safe also at night..and very clean..

    but here i catched also nothing, with my flyrod it was impossible to cast, where the fish was, i saw brazilians who catched some nice fishes with natural bait, where the weaves are breaking nearly 100m...

    but... i found a nice place..where i catched peacock bass and many other fishes... this swamp was fishing with net prohibided, and there was a lot of fishes, everywhere, if net fishing was prohibided, i catched good fishes

  • my first peacock bass with popper and streamer, this bass is very aggressive and the attacks are strong and fast, the first moments they was strong fighters, but in the warm water with little oxygen in the water, the resistance was short...

    a nice fight with my rod class 5

    my friends begged me, pls bring fish, and the first ones, we eat it, but after this i released every fish, because i dont want to damage the population there.

    look, i catched this bass, twice, one day with popper and other day with streamer...

    you see, i did my releasing very well^^ i release the fish always inside the water,and i try never lift out a fish, that i want to release, water releasing is the name of the game, if it is possible

    nice one

    an other bass

    always at lipp, pull out the hook inside the water, and let em go....

    at my fishing trip, one rock lobster fisherman asked me to buy rock lobster, i buyed 3 kg for 20 euros, what a cheap price, its good to speak portugese^^

    hmm, what a smell

    on the way to cast...

    a small type of pacu, it called there "cd"

    after the peacock bass i catched 2 pacus, catched with a dry fly

    i though my rod will break, because a strong and long fight began
    pacu are persistent fighters, and it took nearly 6-7 minutes after he surrendered, i released also this fish, but my friends they been sad about this.. they love eating fish and im a good cook

    my last fish there, a traira, be carefull, he bites

    in brazil, you dont have "beware of the dog" you have " beware of the snake" i saw there a coral snake near my house


    the youngest son of gracinha had his diplom of laywer, we made a good party with lot of beer, i was very drunk..

    there you can eat Acarajé a speciality of the region

    i stayed there 5 weeks, in my last week i went with andre ( a very good friend) to his house at ilha Itaparica

    on the ferry to the island

    salvador harbor

    his house.. very nice

    his mango tree, very tastefully wild mangos

    a crab

    look, i catched mr. krabs, be carefull, he can hurt you very well

    we went for swimming and releaxing there, in brasil you restaurants, you pay one price and you can eat everything what you want, i also visited there the "Churrascaria" you must try this, its restaurant all you can eat barbecue^^

    in this restaurant, the food wasnt very tastefully and from high quality, we feed dogs and cats with your leftovers, it was funny, the owner of the restaurant chase away the animals with water, but i told pls, dont do that, and he stopped...

    the bandits are waiting....

    bon appetit pussy

    but the funniest thing was.....after we finished our lunch, the dog and the cat returned inside the restaurant, and the owner fondled his animals...he told us, some of his guest didnt like dogs and cats, thats why he chase off the his animals with water... we laughed about that, was so a funny situation

    with her kitties...thats why she was hungry

    at the harbor we fished, but i only catched this funny fish, do anyone know about this species?

    he had lots of stings

    i nice brazilan with his young daughter helped me to release the fish and he explained be careful .

  • after this trip we went to a special place.. to the mangroves

    andre fishing

    swimmng for my bait

    but it was not very intellegent, we saw a shark attacking fishes, one bawuschhhhhhh, we saw his dorsal fin.. i think he had meters, in the afternoon they are active brackish water

    after this day we returned to lauro de freitas

    harbor itaparica

    bye bye....

    welcome back salvador

    i stayed 2 days again in lauro de freitas, then i must take the bus to return to recife, to take my return flight..
    i leave my friends there, and we cried togheter, it was very emotional for us... but i promised i will come back...very nice good friends i left there, if you have a brazilian as a friend, he will give the last penny for you, they shared everything with you, they never count the penny, the germans are very stingy sometimes, not all, but the german mentality is very different, thats why i love the people there, they dont have many money or large cars, but a very big heart..
    one the way to the bus, i eat a nice ice cream, it called acai ice cream, you must try it,it is very very tastefully and healthy

    at the bus station salvador..good bye bahia

    the last part 5 will be in recife and lisabon

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