The Catch and Release Movement in USA

  • Has gone to an extreme.

    The majority of trout/pike/bass anglers are STRICT catch and release anglers.

    It is so far one way nowadays that if you keep a fish you are frowned at when you leave the waterway.

    Even injuried fish are released.

    If the fish are BLEEDING they go home with.

    I fish for the excitement of the catch and to eat fish.

    I am NOT a believer in mixing Golf and Fishing.

    To injure fish for the sheer joy of the catch is NOT fishing.....It is playing.....

  • So is also my opinion, Len.
    Although I wouldn't eat any fish I catch, I neither release every fish, but take selectively.
    But this is a very exciting discussion in Germany as well, and the fellowship of anglers is separated into two extremes...
    Why not go a way just in the middle?

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